Stumbling upon love for food, fun, and cooking, our Chef opened the first KiKi restaurant in 1991 when he was young. Stirring love and flavors through grandmas’ old recipes, a tasty array of authentic Sichuan food was created as staples alongside some edgier dishes. The décor cleverly employs an exuberantly contemporary style, upending the old impression. Located in the bustling heart of Eastern District (Dongqu) of Taipei, this restaurant serving exquisite, sophisticated, and unpretentious Sichuan food has since drawn a crowd of local hipsters.

Sichuan restaurant used to be a place for dads and mums’ occasional visits. Resembling the faces changing (bianlian) of Sichuan opera, the cuisine (chuancai) has been changing faces to become a fabulous café inviting everyone for a great day out or a romantic date. Since 1999, we’ve opened stores in Xinyi, Dongfeng and a flagship store in Fuxing district to serve more customers. In 2006, we hit the street of Gongyi Road, a hip section housing some of the coolest eateries, to become part of the vibrant dining scene in Taichung. As a Thai food enthusiast, our Chef introduced the first Thai restaurant in 2009 after sharpening his Thai culinary techniques for years. Offering authentic tasting Thai dishes, the restaurant attracted hordes of food lovers who instantly became loyal customers. The exciting expansion continued. KiKi restaurant made its debut in the Eslite bookstore empire in 2011, proving that culinary arts can be a form of cultural expression. KiKi Sichuan restaurants at EsliteSinban and TianMu, Kiki Thai Café at Eslite Spectrum Songyan followed subsequently.

In 2016, our Chef partnered with a guy who shares the same passion for food, travel, and cooking. They have this fresh idea – enable customers to indulge in Kiki food when they’re home. An amazing range of KiKi Homemade Foods, which is distilled from more than 20 years of impeccable culinary taste and techniques, can be ordered and delivered straight to customers’ door for restaurant-quality meals.

Welcome to “KiKi Gourmet & Grocery”!

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