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Our Chef’s Obsession for the Perfect Noodles

Our Chef’s Obsession for the Perfect Noodles

With the mission to create the best dry mix noodle, our Chefs had tried at least 100 varieties of noodles. According to their stringent criteria, “Tainan sun-dried handmade noodles” is the finest leading the pack.

Rustic, sun-drenched Tainan, which is a home to bountiful great food, is famous for producing traditional sun-dried noodles since long time ago. Ditching the common use of salt as a preserver, Tainan handmade noodles use sunlight for drying and natural preservation. Additives are absent because the noodles are purely made of flour and water - 100% natural and healthy.

Sun drying is the most critical step in the noodle-making process. Noodles are placed in fan-shaped on bamboo sieves and left bathing in the bright sunlight for two days. They are flipped for every two hours in order to dry out evenly on both sides. Every step is labor intensive, thus making the premium noodles chewy, bouncy, and fresh even after a slow cook. It’s organic and amazingly delicious.

KiKi Spicy Sauce

Sichuan cuisine is known for its exceptional range of tantalising flavours. With spiciness being one of the hallmarks of Sichuan fare, spicy sauce made from Pidu province of Sichuan is particularly renowned. KiKi Spicy Sauce is created by the esteemed KiKi Restaurant in Taiwan. To reflect the true character and flavours of authentic Sichuan cuisine, the sauce especially incorporates hot pepper, premium Sichuan pepper, chilli powder and oil with chilli bean sauce. Tireless efforts are made by KiKi’s culinary team to ensure that only the best ingredients are used and to tailor the perfect balance of spices to allow gourmets to savour the sublime flavours of Sichuan at the comport of their home.

The brand new KiKi Spicy Sauce , is very unique and its versatility makes it a wonderful match for a spectrum of cuisine. Simply add the sauce to minced meat and simmer with tofu or to wontons and Sichuan’s most popular delicacies Mapo Tofu and Spicy Wontons are ready to serve. Alternatively, gourmands may pair KiKi Spicy Sauce creatively with any of their favourite fare. Whether it is light and casual noodles or hearty hotpots, the sauce will add a new and exciting dimension of flavours to it. Most important of all, the sauce is all MSG, preservatives free and suitable for vegans, a healthy and tasty option for everyone.

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Wow! Shu Qi is a bona fide fan of Kiki Sichuan pepper & chili noodles (bànmiàn *). We’re flattered!

Her videos from Youtube and Weibo are the best testimonials!

A globetrotter, Shu Qi can’t help herself slurping Kiki noodles in different corners of the world.

“I love travel but I always have a hankering for comfort food from home. When I travel for more than three days, whether it’s for work or for fun, I’ll carry Kiki noodles with me across the globe.”

* bànmiàn = Sichuan-style noodles topped with condiments such as Sichuan peppers, garlic, and peanuts that you’ve to mix well before consuming.

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