KiKi CNY Gift Box($136)

Included: KiKi Scallion Noodles 5 packs + KiKi Spicy Noodles 5 packs

KiKi Xmas Gift Box($136)

Included: KiKi Scallion Noodles 5 packs + KiKi Spicy Noodles 5 packs

KIKI Spicy Duck Blood($48)

The exclusive spicy, aromatic secret recipe is simmered for hours and packed with vitamins from four different peppers – green Sichuan pepper, Sichuan pepper, big Sichuan pepper and chili – along with various Chinese herbals including cauguo, cumin, nutmeg, anise and sand ginger. While silky, springy-textured congealed duck blood, a key ingredient in traditional Chinese winter soups, is authentically unblended 100% duck blood sourced from northern Taiwan, known for rich curative and warming effects ranging from promoting circulation and cleansing toxins to boosting energy and aiding digestion.

KIKI Taiwanese Barbecue Sauce Noodles ($68)

The latest recipe debuts an exclusive new Taiwanese Barbecue Sauce for a unique new savoury flavour – traditional Taiwanese barbecue taste, slightly spicy, taste rich but not greasy. A chewier, flat version of its high-end handmade, sun-dried noodles also creates a delightful contrast of tastes and textures.

KiKi Scallion Yang Chun Noodles ($78)

The wavy Yang Chun flat noodles of KiKi’s new product are made in multiple steps, including mixing, kneading, cutting and drying. The noodles are not made equal, making them chewier and emphasising the characteristics of hand-made noodles. To personalise the dish, vegetables or egg can be added to the traditional mix, or for authentic old-time Taiwanese style, the addition of pork chop or fresh seafood such as shrimps.

Sichuan Beef Noodles Soup

Beef Noodle is one of Taiwan delicacy’s classic representations. A good broth determines the quality of a good bowl of beef noodle, which is why the KiKi team have made countless efforts to ensure that the beef broth is of the best quality possible before presenting its KiKi Sichuan Beef Soup Noodles.

KiKi Sichuan Beef Soup Noodle is all natural and additive free. Its delectable broth selects premium cow bone, fresh vegetables and hot spices; adding pepper, star anise, crystal sugar, cinnamon, licorice, spicy bean and slow cooked for hours to prepare, giving it a savory and alluringly spicy flavour. Beef tendon is also added to enliven the broth, infusing it with rich collagen that is great for joints.

KiKi Spicy Noodles Mixed with Aged Vinegar & KiKi Noodles Mixed with Young Vinegar

The brand new Spicy Aged Vinegar Dry-Stirred Noodles and Vinegar Dry-Stirred Noodles complete the new trio, giving foodies two additional choice of tantalising flavours. The Aged Vinegar and Vinegar sauces are produced with traditional fermentation techniques, strictly selecting premium all-natural ingredients including glutinous rice, fresh fruits, Taiwan salt and caramel. The Aged Vinegar sauce mixed with chili is a perfect balance of flavours; while the Vinegar sauce is produced with special spices to replace the traditional onion and garlic, bringing a whole new level of zestiness. Both noodles continue the proud healthy tradition of its predecessors and are also all natural with no additives, a healthy and delectable choice for foodies.